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At the Picture Show; 11/20

For those unaware, there are things coming out at the movies this week.

The Blind Side ; If you want to read a condensed version of the story, look for it under a different name in a past Reader’s Digest issue. No more than a year or two ago.

Planet 51; Another kid’s movie with Dwayne Johnson. Only difference is this looks pretty cool.

Old Dogs A further showing of 90’s stars.

And that’s it! It isn’t? Oh yeah…

There’s also a little movie called New Moon . Someone mind explaining to me what that is about?

…Oh, it’s that. Guess I need to take a club and pepper spray to the movies this Saturday when I see ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’.

Apparently, there needs to be a worldwide ‘big deal’ every 10 years, starting in the ‘6’ of the year. Like Harry Potter–a story that one does not need a degree in ‘SMeyer English’ to even understand–was published around the ’96-’97 area, and had steam until the end of 2006.

Twilight was released in 2005, and got steam around the falltime of 2007. We’ve got 7 long years to go…

And for once, Miley Cyrus has my respect


2 Responses to “At the Picture Show; 11/20”

  1. Clocky, it sounds like you’re saying you hate the movie because of the book. 😛

    /Twilight fanism

    But I do wanna see The Blind Side. It looks like a pretty good movie, and Sandra seems to be well into character.

  2. I’m wondering whether to see New Moo since I loved the first one. It was hilarious!

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