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I Sat Through…2012

Excuse me if I keep calling it 2021.

Well, anyway, down to the review.

Plot The world ends, as predicted by the Mayans. I think I needn’t tell you that the movie got most of their prediction wrong. The crap hits the proverbial fan.

What you didn’t know This fellow was the same director who gave us The Day After Tomorrow, which I liked. Apparently, you can only destroy the world in a creative manner so many times. Though, to give credit, Tomorrow‘s giant weather mess was mostly snow, ice, hail, and cold water.

Random Thoughts
-How come everytime the world ends, the president is black?
-There’s a diagram they show in the film; all the planets line up, and the earth’s core melts, and tectonic plates shift.

HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN, when Venus is said to be between Earth and the Sun? Isn’t Venus larger than earth? The Sun’s rays would only hit the poles of the earth at that rate.

Acting Award Goes To The children. I’ll eat my hat if the girl isn’t chosen to be Lily again in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; The Prince’s Tale. I kept calling the boy Percy, which, in turn with the main character, Jackson, kept making me laugh at inappropriate intervals.

Ironically enough, there was a Lightning Thief Poster right beside the movie room.

To sum it up Stuff happens, people die…it’s too long, and not too interesting, either.


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