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The Other Side of ‘The Blind Side’

In reality, I wanted to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, but got stuck with this. Anyways…

Plot You’ve seen the sports movies where there’s a low on his luck individual–usually African American–who comes from a bad neighborhood, and their only future is something in sports?


What it isn’t; This isn’t Michel Oher’s story told from his point of view. This is his story told from the view of the family who adopted him, and it’s unintentional.

Points of interest; Spoilers Ahead

* Mike has the sanest drug-addict mother I’ve ever seen. And usually, in these movies, the parents of the down-and-out usually rant and scream about how there’s no future for this boy, unless it’s working at a low end job or being a pimp. She doesn’t do that. She actually wants him to have a good life! Wow!

* There are few scenes of violence and racism. Another pleasant surprise.

We need a problem, quick

Why was the biggest problem the fact that the NAACP thought that the family was preening him simply to go to ‘Old Miss’? Shouldn’t they have put him in a good foster home after…his foster family fell apart?

Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy made me want to try to tolerate the South. That’s a huge house to try and clean, however.


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