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It’s Good to Have ‘Hunger’.

Okay, new Mario RPG references aside…I’m talking about The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, who also wrote the very awesome Underland Chronicles. This is one of those books that stalk me from store to library, like the Olympians and Ranger’s Apprentice, that I decided to pick up.

This is hands down the best first person story I have ever read. It isn’t too in-depth with the feelings. Maybe because until the tributes are chosen, Katniss doesn’t really need to be all sympathetic. She reminds me a lot of Luxa (Who is also a contender in the ever-popular ‘Cool Name Awards’) from ‘Underland’, though Katniss is far more likable. I did have to roll my eyes at a case of over description (IBM), but only once.

From the beginning to ‘Let the 74th annual Hunger Games Begin!’ is simply wonderful, a fantastic delight to read and in-vision yourself in.

The slightly disappointing part is the titular event.

It’s essentially a game of survival–which, each of the 12 Districts have already been doing in their own ways. I expected there to be something like ‘obscure crazy event that you could kill people in’ that would perhaps end at 6 PM, where the remaining survivors could rest, plot, and possibly knock someone off in the dead hours of the night. Cunning and backstabbing, that’s what I wanted to see. And there’s some, which is pretty good.

Pseudo-Romance! How I love it so. Seems like the residents of the Capital and Panem are still as gullible as the extinct North Americans. Sad ending, though.

The sequel, Catching Fire, seems more my speed. I’ll be sure to pick it up soon.


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