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‘Princess’ For the Working Class

Previews shown…actually, none. Way to go, dollar theater.

So….The Princess And the Frog. A return to the age of Disney that didn’t make people nauseated?

Hand Drawn Animation

The songs. While each of them were nice, only ‘Friends On The Other Side’ and ‘When We’re Human’ don’t feel a tad off-putting.

What happened here?
Character showing ratio.

Yes, Tiana and Naveen are the main characters (Much more likeable as frogs, by the way),but there are characters you unintentionally like a lot more, like Charlotte, Louis and Dr. Facilier.

Speaking of the doctor, he’s the villain. You know that, I know that, how come it takes someone paying strict attention while watching the film to be reminded of that? He was probably in the movie for a grand total of 9 to 11 minutes, counting all of those background shots. For example,

Spoiler Alert

Facilier intends for Lawrence to marry Charlotte, after which he will kill ‘Big Daddy’ and claim his fortune.

(Thank you Wikipedia)

You wouldn’t have gotten the impression about the murder if you hadn’t seen the 43 second shot in the movie, or read the above statement.

And, first impressions are important. We are given the impression that he controls the voodoo, shadows…which one is it? In his scene where he is on screen for a full minute and a half, he’s asking the voodoo in the spirit world for help. What? Make up your mind. Though, if he said something like ‘I have powers at my command’ in the beginning, he probably wouldn’t be as respectable (or cool).

Let me refer to the video below;

Seriously, why didn’t we see more of that? It probably would have been a blast to go into the Other Side. (Sequel plot please?)

Overall, it’s new Disney making a good attempt to be old Disney. By all means, keep it up, and show your villains a little more, yes?


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