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…So we can let my friend ‘Jackson’ ‘Cop’ Off.

Previews shown at ‘Cop Out’.
‘Death At A Funeral’
‘Clash Of The Titans’

Previews shown at ‘Percy Jackson’
Something that involves forest animals beating up some dude.

‘Cop Out’? Fabulous Idea
In this movie, Bruce Willis plays a cop (I’ll give you a few minutes to absorb that piece of shocking information.), and Tracy Morgan is his sidekick. Okay.

I wasn’t totally sure what anyone was trying to do until about 15 minutes in the movie, and THAT’S after being verbally assaulted with the F-bomb 22 times (I counted.)

After that point,my mother just had to leave. Another correspondent told me that the following swear-fest film was pretty bad.

‘The Lightning Thief’

Now, here is the show! Whenever we come across a movie adaptation of a book, we need to lower our ‘connectivity’ expectations that it will match exactly (If it did, why bother making a film?) and be aware to judge it as a movie.

Four Things That Worked
1. Upping everybody’s ages: At first, it seemed like incredibly lazy casting, but in the novel, two 11-year olds are cavorting across the country with a satyr. In America, land of the ‘Let me call the police in an instant.’ people. It makes more sense this way.

2. The Special Effects: Most people who complain that they’re a little dull or early ’00ish probably say ‘Avatar’ and are now intent on holding every CGI movie after it to a standard they can’t reach. There’s nothing wrong with them.

3. Trimming the Story: Mind, I said trimming it, not changing it.

4. The Cast, Especially: Alexandria Daddario. We all knew she looked nothing like Annabeth’s clear-cut description in the books (But how many people are blond haired grey eyed? Who can act?), and she seemed to try extra hard to appear how her character was supposed to act, in spite of the warrior princess lines they kept pricking her with in the beginning.

A few Things That Were Iffy

1. The dialogue. Some of it was so very cheesy. They tried very hard to make Grover the funny(goat), and most of the time, the lines are quite funny (‘They’re working class Americans!’), but others (‘This place needs an extreme makeover.’) Were played out.

2.Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

Killing future plot opportunities: Well, perhaps not. Anyone who read the book will know about Luke’s betrayal, but the ending of the film does some fabulous murdering of plot bunnies and red herrings.

3. Lack of ‘Harry Potter’ spark.
When I first read reviews claiming that this was a knockoff of HP, and that it didn’t have the same amazing ‘WOW’ factor, I got angry. Then, I remembered;

-Most of the reviewers didn’t read the books.
-Most of them don’t KNOW they’re books.

But after seeing the movie, I was inclined to agree. Here, the world was quite ordinary-intentioned. In ‘Potter’, we stepped into a magical world. Here, we go across our own dull little country seeing only pockets of mythicalness.

Overall, if you never heard of it in your life and find yourself in this movie (like my mother), you’ll think it’s really good. If you view and review movies (like me), you’ll find it fairly ordinary, even for a fantasy film. It’s by no means bad, though.


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