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How To Train Your Wimpy Kid

How long has it been? Too long, I know.

How To Train Your Dragon

Technically, there’s not a thing wrong with this movie. It sentimental and all that garbage I expect from Pixar, not Dreamworks. The battle at the end was pretty cool as well. It’ll just take a while for it to grow on me; I had hyped this film to the stratosphere in my mind.

I can take the story and compare it to Kung Fu Panda; Outcast trains, Outcast gets accepted, Outcast saves the day. But the thing with KFP is, that the Chinese culture was studied and applied with respect. Can we even study the Viking culture anymore? I’ve yet to read the book, but from the looks of it, they’re just roaming nomads.

The children…what a pity I could hardly understand what they were saying a lot of the time; They were a riot. Too many people were talking at once, and American accents! The adults had Scottish ones! That gave me a headache trying to keep in tone with everyone.

But kudos for Toothless. If a dog was a dragon, he is the example of how it would act. Seriously, I’m not even as expressive as the little animated dragon.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Now, see I have read these books, and considering they’re just a collection of unfortunate events, it’s not terribly hard to shove it all into a film.

There was even time to use creative liberty. (Ahaha, bathroom scene. You’ll know which one. And the woods. And the dance.) Along with shoving random people into it like Angie, who also played the little annoying jumpy girl in Big Momma’s House 2.

You see in the movie what you can’t see in the book; How Greg is someone who always looks down on nearly everyone else when there’s no need to, considering the children (Besides…nearly every kid with a speaking line.) aren’t that bad.


One Response to “How To Train Your Wimpy Kid”

  1. Haven’t seen/read either, but heard lots of good stuff about ”How to Train Your Dragon”. I’ll have to watch it when it comes out on Video on Demand!

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