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…So we can let my friend ‘Jackson’ ‘Cop’ Off.


Previews shown at ‘Cop Out’. ‘Death At A Funeral’ ‘Clash Of The Titans’ Previews shown at ‘Percy Jackson’ Something that involves forest animals beating up some dude. ‘Cop Out’? Fabulous Idea In this movie, Bruce Willis plays a cop (I’ll give you a few minutes to absorb that piece of shocking information.), and Tracy Morgan […]

‘Princess’ For the Working Class


Previews shown…actually, none. Way to go, dollar theater. So….The Princess And the Frog. A return to the age of Disney that didn’t make people nauseated? Pros Hand Drawn Animation Neutrals The songs. While each of them were nice, only ‘Friends On The Other Side’ and ‘When We’re Human’ don’t feel a tad off-putting. What happened […]

It’s Good to Have ‘Hunger’.


Okay, new Mario RPG references aside…I’m talking about The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, who also wrote the very awesome Underland Chronicles. This is one of those books that stalk me from store to library, like the Olympians and Ranger’s Apprentice, that I decided to pick up. This is hands down the best first person […]

I Sat Through…2012


Excuse me if I keep calling it 2021. Well, anyway, down to the review. Plot The world ends, as predicted by the Mayans. I think I needn’t tell you that the movie got most of their prediction wrong. The crap hits the proverbial fan. What you didn’t know This fellow was the same director who […]